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Mozyr Dairy Products began its active development in a post-war period. During that period the enterprise produced dairy butter, melted butter, casein,ice-cream, lean cottage cheese (low-fat), serum kvass.

In 1950 the factory produced sour cream, cream, fat cottage cheese, sweet creamed curds, sour clotted milk, acidophilus milk, fat-free kefir. At that time bottling of the products into glass bottles was started.

In 1963, when new buildings of the dairy have been erected uptown Mozyr, the current dairy has begun its work.

At this time the enterprise had the following dairy divisions:

  • production of cottage cheese,
  • production of butter,
  • production of ice-cream,
  • production of cultured milk foods (kefir, fermented baked milk, etc.),
  • production of soft cheese (feather),
  • bottling of the products into glass bottles.

In January 1990 a new building, meeting all modern technical requirements, was constructed, where the mainline — dairy products unit — was located. In parallel with construction of a new building reconstruction of a compressor sector tool place.

Sterilized milk (long-life) production line, equipped with modern imported equipment and computer process control has began its operation in the new building of the enterprise in July, 1991.

In 1994 after reconstruction of the old building of the enterprise, ice-cream and baby milk food units started their operation. Modern imported equipment with computer process control for production of DM cottage cheese for baby nutrition with application of whey ultrafiltration has been installed in the baby food unit. These technologies allow to preserve valuable serum proteins in DM cottage cheese.

In 2003 production of yoghurt desserts was started in the baby food unit, in 2004 -production of medicinal and prophylactic cultured milk foods, in 2005 — curd desserts — DM(curd puddings, sweet curds, cottage cheese with fruit). In 2007 a new high-efficiency automatic packing machine was installed. It packs yoghurts and curd desserts in polystyrene cups with sealed cover.

Today the raw zone of the enterprise includes enterprises of Mozyr, Elsk and Narovlya areas.

In July, 2005 a new unit, producing cottage cheese and curd products, equipped with an import automatic line (cottage cheese “Nesterka”, “Bogatyr”), started its operation.

In 2005 the enterprise has obtained the Conformance Certificate No.ВУ/11205.02.0020037 “Quality System of Production, Storage and Transportation of Sterilized Milk” on the basis of risk analysis and critical breakpoints (HASSP). Production meets the requirements of STB 1470-204 of 15.08.2005.

Since 2007 reconstruction work of baby food unit has been conducted: construction and finishing work, all communications have been installed according to modern sanitary and technology requirements; modern process equipment has been purchased; documents are designed and work on expansion of HASSP system scope for the products produced in thebaby food unit is being done.

In August, 2008 the range of new products was updated:

  • milk 3.2 % with calcium in pure-pack packaging 1.0 l
  • kefir 3.2 %. with calcium in pure-pack packaging 1.0 l, in polyethylene package 1.0 l
  • sour cream 12 % in a polystyrene cup, 0.2 kg

In 2008 process equipment to the sum of 494 million rbl. was purchased. Motor car park of the enterprise has got 6 units for production delivery.

In 2009 the enterprise purchased:

  • pasteurizing and cooling plant — 1.6 billion roubles;
  • supplementary equipment OBRAM at the cost of 1.5 billion roubles;
  • equipment for the boiler-house to the sum of 2.7 billion roubles;
  • a contract for supply of 2 automatic machines for milk dispensing to the sum of 678 million rbl. has been concluded

On the basis of CDP jointly with RUE «Institute of meat and dairy industry" works on disassembly of new types of organic products for baby food and dietary bioproducts for preschool and early school age.

The financial assistance to the enterprise was provided by the state:

In 2015, according to investment projects, the following were produced: - modernization of the main production (curd section) and the production of new types of curd products with an increased shelf life has been established,

-in 2016, a milk powder production site with a capacity of 10 tons per day was launched.

There have been ups and downs in the history of the enterprise. The name changed, the workshops and sections were reconstructed, but one thing remained and remains unchanged - the high quality of the products with a constantly increasing assortment!