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Yoghurt "rainbow of taste"

  • Yoghurt "rainbow of taste"

Yoghurt "rainbow of taste" 1,5% fat with a filler ("blueberry" and "peach") is made of high quality selected milk, normalized to fat and dry substances in milk with sugar and stabilizer. To ensure uniform consistency and improve the quality of the product of normalized mixture with the dissolved components homopterous. Next, normalized and gomogenizirovannykh the mixture is subjected to heat treatment (pasteurization at a temperature of 92±20C) and cooling. The cooled mixture then it is ripened unique special sourdough: a mixture of lactic acid Bulgarian sticks and thermophilic Streptococcus, followed by introduction of specially prepared fruit fillings. Substances produced by the Bulgarian Bacillus in the fermentation process of milk, very healthy children and adults, especially in dysbacterioses, allergies and the tendency to frequent colds and viral infections, as well as many other immunopathological conditions. Yogurt not heat-treated, which allows to preserve the useful properties of this product. The product has a uniform, creamy consistency with pieces of the introduced filler, a clean dairy, sweet taste with a pronounced taste and aroma of the specially made fruit filling. Yogurt is also no substitute for cooking a variety of desserts, foods.

Shelf life – 10 days at temperature from +2 to +6 C.