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Pasteurized milk “Mozyr”

  • Pasteurized milk “Mozyr”

Pasteurized "Mozyr" milk is produced on a progressive automated line with computer control from whole cow's milk, which is purified and normalized to the required fat content, subjected to high temperature (90-92)°C heat treatment (pasteurization) and cooling to a temperature of (2-6) ° C.

The product has a clean, pronounced taste of pasteurization.

Pasteurized milk "Mozyr", produced with a mass fraction of fat 1,5%; 2,6%; 3,2%; 3,5%.

Milk is an indispensable food for children and adults, especially in old age. Milk is a source of calcium, which is necessary for building bone tissue. It is intended for direct use in food and preparation of dairy dishes.

The shelf life of pasteurized milk is 6 days at a temperature of +2 to +6 ° C.


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