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The bio fermented baked milk based

  • The bio fermented baked milk based

Bioryazhenka is produced from the best milk of the highest grade or “Extra” grade, specially selected for the preparation of dairy products for baby food.

Bioryazhenka is a classic fermented milk refreshing product with a pronounced taste and aroma of prolonged pasteurization (heating for 4-5 hours at a temperature of 98 ° C). The product is produced by fermentation of baked milk with pure cultures of thermophilic streptococci. Bioryazhenka is enriched with cultures of bifidobacteria, which are inherent in the body of a healthy person and have a healing effect on the entire body as a whole and strengthen the immune system.

Shelf life 10 days at a storage temperature of 2 to 6 ° C.


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