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General information

As of today the assortment of output goods of the Private Unitary Enterprise Mozyr dairy products numbers more than 80 names — milk of different fat content and names; cultured milk foods; sour cream, cream, cottage cheese and curd products, dairy butter and also the products of a baby food workshop. baby cottage cheese, yoghurts, curd desserts.

Enterprise’s production known under the trademark “Rainbow of Taste” is in constantly growing demand and has deserved customer acknowledgement not only among the dwellers of Mozyr district and Gomel region, but among people from other regions as well in the places of Brest region, in cities of Minsk, Mogilyov, Vitebsk. The production of the trademark “Rainbow of Taste” is known and its quality is appreciated in the Russian Federation and the Ukraine.

Harmoniously combining achievements of modern management, prospective technologies and examination of European experience, the enterprise has achieved high results in its activities. More than 550 people work at the dairy factory. A wide range, high quality of production and undoubtedly perfect taste of the dairy products of the trademark “Rainbow of Taste” is guarantee for stable demand for the production and a component of partner’s success.

Early new types of products are introduced into production. Special attention is paid to packing design. As a bright and beautiful packing is, first of all, respect for a customer. Mozyr milkmen are striving for being the best commercial industrial company — the most reliable supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of high quality dairy products. Mozyr dairy products is a devoted participant of various international and domestic exhibitions. Our collection of awards is very impressive. Time and again many products won rewards during different quality competitions and exhibitions.

Experts highly appreciated the quality of the products produced by Mozyr dairy products. But the most important award is special customers’ attention.

Promotional video 2010 

Аbout the awards 2012 

film about the company 2012 

Exhibition "Korenskaya Fair 2012" (Kursk). Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs Silich Alexander

The range of dairy products "Dachnoe Leto" 2014 

New! Curd elite class "Rainbow of taste" 2015

The exhibition "Golden Autumn 2015" (Krasnogorsk, Russia). Director Galina Kudina

Dairy products for children's nutrition 2015

Mozyr Milk - to China. The Chinese delegation visited the dairy company and interested in products of the company

People's health - our care !!!