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А film about the company

The products known under the trademark "Raduga Vkusa" are in ever-growing demand and well-deserved consumer recognition not only among the residents of the Mozyr District and the Gomel Region, but also abroad.

"Rainbow of taste" is known and appreciated in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

To date, the range of products of the State Enterprise "Mozyr Dairy Products" includes more than 80 names - milk of various fat content, dairy products, sour cream, cream, cottage cheese and curd products, unsalted sweet cream butter, yoghurts, cottage cheese desserts, fermented milk drinks.

All products are made only from natural milk!

Every year we introduce new types of products into production. The Raduga Vkusa brand has already gained popularity among consumers. Not stopping at what has been achieved, taking into account the needs of the market, the company has developed a new line of tasty and healthy products under the brand name "Fortress of Health".

The quality of the products has been duly appreciated at various prestigious exhibitions and forums. Many products have won awards in quality contests more than once.

The buyer of Belarus, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan chooses stability and quality.

The state enterprise "Mozyr Dairy Products" included into the register of business entities of the Republic of Belarus, the official information about which indicates good faith as partners in entrepreneurial activities in the domestic market and abroad.



Оптимальное сочетание цены-качества, а еще полезности. «Бифитат» и мягкий творог должны обязательно присутствовать в здоровом рационе как взрослых, так и детей.

New! Curd elite class "Rainbow of taste" 2015

The exhibition "Golden Autumn 2015" (Krasnogorsk, Russia). Director Galina Kudina

Dairy products for children's nutrition 2015

The exhibition "Golden Autumn 2015" (Krasnogorsk, Russia). Director Galina Kudina

The range of dairy products "Dachnoe Leto" 2014 

Mozyr Milk - to China. The Chinese delegation visited the dairy company and interested in products of the company

Exhibition "Korenskaya Fair 2012" (Kursk). Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs Silich Alexander

Аbout the awards 2012 

film about the company 2012 

Promotional video 2010 

People's health - our care !!!


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