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Live yogurt from the communal industrial unitary enterprise "Mozyr dairy products" – food for health

Live yogurt from the communal industrial unitary enterprise "Mozyr dairy products" – food for health

State enterprise "Mozyr dairy products" started production of fruity yoghurt with pieces of peach and blueberries (mass fraction of fat content of the product was 1.5%).

Like all the other fermented milk drinks, yogurt is a wonderfully useful product. Fermented under the influence of beneficial bacteria, it is not only easily digestible, but also enriches the intestinal microflora is indispensable. In the drink there are a number of vitamins, minerals, Vysokochistye protein compounds, and enzymes, which is especially valuable, healthful bacteria. Thanks to the Bulgarian stick natural live yogurt has the unique ability to release the digestive system from pathogenic flora, putrefactive bacteria, pathogens. Use all-natural dairy products concluded that in the presence of live bacteria.

How to produce this product, recently went on sale, Mozyr dairy plant? This tells the engineer-municipal production unitary enterprise "Mozyr dairy products" Elena TROFIMENKO:

Yogurt with fruit is manufactured from high quality pasteurized milk, normalized to the mass fraction of fat and dry substances of milk, with sugar and stabilizer. To ensure uniform consistency and improve the quality of the product of normalized mixture with the dissolved components homogenizer and subjected to heat treatment at a temperature of (92+-2 ° C) and cooling. The cooled mixture then it is ripened with a special starter culture of thermophilic lactic streptococci and Bulgarian Bacillus. After fermentation the yogurt adds a specially prepared fruit fillings with pieces of peach or blueberries. For the future production of yoghurt with raspberry filling.

Substances produced by the Bulgarian coli during fermentation of the milk mixture, very useful for the health of children older than 3 years and adults, especially with dysbiosis and susceptibility to frequent viral infections, as well as other immunopathological conditions. Yogurt not heat-treated, which allows to preserve the useful properties of this product. Low fat content – 1,5% and the optimum content of sucrose – 9% – allow us to classify this natural live yogurt to easy products for quick snack on the go. The shelf life of yoghurt – 10 days