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Offer for sale of equipment


1. name of the equipment-casein line.

2. Object: a set of technological equipment for the food industry-casein line.

3. The year of commissioning of the main equipment is June 2010.

4. the line consists of 15 positions (Appendix 1).

5. Technical condition: the equipment is in good working order, satisfactory condition, not dismantled. Start-up and commissioning work is required.

6. the Equipment is pledged.

7. the amount of accumulated depreciation of the main equipment (the line itself) is within 95%.

8. Location of the equipment-59 Sovetskaya str., Elsk

9. terms of sale: dismantling and removal-by and at the expense of the Buyer.

10.The market value will be presented after receiving the equipment evaluation documents.

Contact persons:

Mazheyko Yuri Nikolaevich +375 29 632-06-37,

Potapov Aleksandr Nikolaevich +375 29 665-86-54

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