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Butter "Krestyanskoe" 72,5% and 82,5%

  • Butter "Krestyanskoe" 72,5% and 82,5%

Unsalted sweet cream butter is produced from cream which is obtained by separating of whole cow milk, undergoing high-temperature pasteurization and ripening process, and churning in the buttermaking machine .

   The butter is made only from fresh cream without the addition of vegetable fats.

   The butter has a sweet cream flavour, with the taste of pasteurized cream. The consistency of the butter is homogeneous and dense. The surface of the butter is slightly shiny and dry as it looks, without drops of moisture. The butter is for direct consumption.

   The butter is packed as follows:

  - in foil packaging. Net weight 170g, shelf life 35 days, storage temperature +2 to +6°C.

   - in monolithic packages. Net weight 20 kg.

   - shelf life in monolithic packages at a temperature of -13 to -15°С is 15 months at a relative humidity of not more than 90%.